Does your thinking style work for you?

If you’re a creative, out-of-the-box thinker, I’ll give you the key to unlock your most rewarding life. You’ll discover how integrating your various thinking styles turbocharges your ability to design a life that actively supports you to realise your dream.


Just as we have multiple forms of intelligence, we have as many ways to think as there are ways to experience the world. But three are dominant: rational, contextual and sensory.


While most of us still rely on the traditional right-brain left-brain approach, over the years of studying and  teaching about the way we think, I’ve seen awe inspiring results when my clients integrate these three styles.


The war zone in our heads becomes a collaboration zone, that accesses the relevant, helpful, practical and inspired information we need for sound choices and decisions.


Through my 12 simple, practical and proven steps, I see how optimising our thinking in this way is the rocket fuel that aligns everything we do, to create the kind of success we know we’re capable of.  So if


  • you are an out-of-the-box thinker
  • your passion is to make life a little, or a lot, better for those around you.
  • you are equally committed to reaching your fullest potential.
  • you know the cost of doing nothing about your blocks is unacceptable,


I’ll show you how to BE the change you want to see in others. Because the more you thrive, the easier you make it for those around you to thrive too.


If you’re a parent, coach, human resources professional, a therapist, a website designer, or an innovator who wants to optimise your creative thinking, you’ll find just the help you’re looking for here.