Things are changing

After more than a decade of working with clients it’s time to refine my focus to better reflect the work I actually do, so you will find only a skeleton website at the moment. But while you're waiting for more of my new products and services, here’s something to whet your appetite.


I believe that the simplest way to reach our potential, is to create a life structure, or foundation, that optimally supports us to realise our big vision. And, because we're all different, that foundation needs to be different too. The only trouble is, no-one teaches us how, so developing it can be a bit hit and miss. Until now.


I’ve spent a lifetime experimenting with my foundation and made a few questionable choices as a result. But I’ve also made plenty of inspired ones! And now I have it just about right! Because I see that what I create when I thrive, makes it so much easier for those around me to thrive too.


How have I done it? By discovering that my solid, sustainable foundation needed a combination of what I call 3-dimensional thinking - integrated rational, intuitive and kinaesthetic thinking – and my unique blend of skills, talents and experience.


Along the way, I became my own researcher and guinea pig as I followed ideas which lead to 12 simple steps that exploded my understanding of who I really am and what I am capable of. After experimenting first on myself, I shared what I’d learned with friends and clients. And the results always wowed us.


I’ve seen how 3D thinking is a really important game changer for everyone who uses it, and a dream come true for me. Because I get to see my big vision as a reality: my clients’ transformation into confident, inspired and inspiring role models – exactly the sort of person you’d want as your personal development guide or mentor!