What’s Intuition?

A philosopher might say “we’ve been asking that question for 3,000 years and still can’t answer it.” The psychologist, that Jung thought it was one of the four ways we process information and some neuroscientists say it’s our right hemisphere’s ability to think holistically.


But, for me, intuition is much more than thinking. The wisdom traditions and ancient philosophers called it the voice of the soul – the highest intelligence there is. More recently, Rudolf Steiner called it "pure spiritual activity". But how do I define it?


As the intelligence that allows us to perceive past, present and future possibilities without cognition. I see it as the meeting point of our left and right hemispheres, our head and heart, and our ego and soul. It’s an optimising intelligence, which means the more we listen to and act on it, the more we flourish!


What I offer

Maximising our use of the data we subconsciously collect makes a lot of sense to me. Couldn't that information help us align our decisions with our goals and aspirations? I believe it can and does. We just need to learn how to let that happen. And that's where I come in.


My mission is to provide a completely integrated approach to intuition because you really fire on all fours when you integrate it  with everything you do and all your other intelligences. And I love sharing the tools that let you use your intuition in a way that’s uniquely yours.


Upgrading your teams’ creative and innovative capabilities is easy with intuition. You’ll love the Belbin Team Roles' training, and the simple research combined with fun emotional and sensory intelligence tools that I share to help you create the perfect conditions for your ”intuitive capital” to flourish.


Want a mentor? I’ll show you how blending your facts with intuition is the perfect recipe for sound, life enhancing choices. You might have grown up with the expression ”No pain. No gain.”, but intuition’s guiding principle of ”No pleasure. No gain.” is much more effective!


My Intuition with Everything webinars provide an A to Z of how to create the perfect conditions for your intuition – and you – to flourish. Are you interested in self-compassion?  Just sign up for that. Need some help with your inner critic, your relationships, or your anxiety? Sign up for these too. They’re all free. And they’ll all show you how the everyday skills we need to lead a rewarding life (like self-esteem, work-life balance, or trust) partner with your intuition to help clear blocks to your potential. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just let me know and I’ll add it to my list for future webinars.


My 12-Step Programme and 2-year Master's course help you develop the healthy emotional and sensory intelligence that creates impeccably solid foundations for your intuition – and you – to flourish. Or how about my trilogies? They’re perfect for getting amazing, lasting results quickly. Just ask my clients what they think about the Trust Trilogy!


If the wisdom traditions and ancient philosophers were right about intuition, doesn't it make sense to actively support your intuition as your first priority?


I couldn’t be happier to show you how integrating your intuition into every aspect of your life is the very best way to polish the diamond that is you,


Just ask the commodities traders, championship athletes, business consultants, teachers, psychotherapists and other caring professionals I’ve coached what a difference a healthy, trusting relationship with their intuition makes to their lives. They’ll tell you that it closes the gap between what you think you’re capable of, and what you’re really capable of!