What’s Intuition?

The philosopher says “we’ve been asking that question for 3,000 years and still can’t answer it.” The psychologist says that Jung thought it was one of the four ways we process information. And neuroscientists are starting to say that it is a product of the right hemisphere’s ability to think holistically.


I think the ancient philosophers were right when they called it the voice of the soul – the highest intelligence there is! I love the way Jung embraced it even though he did not understand it, and am grateful to the neuroscientists who think it is a product of our right hemisphere’s ability to think holistically.


But intuition is much more than an ability to think. Rudolf Steiner called it "pure spiritual activity", and I think it's certainly guided by our HIgher self. That’s why I’d describe it as a tailor-made GPS that guides us to realise our potential, by helping us perceive and process our experiences holistically – be they physical or cognitive. I see it as the place where our left and right brains, our head and heart, our ego and soul meet.


I don’t know how to teach something that has defied definition for so long. But I know from personal experience, my studies and work with clients how to clear the blocks to intuition. I’ve seen how the more we clear these, the more we can embrace it! And developing emotional and sensory intelligence does the job perfectly, because they open a door to a world far beyond them - intuition!


I love discovering new tools to help you recognise, trust and use it for yourself: sharing a more complete understanding of intuition, by joining up the dots created by all the disciplines that are trying to define it. I adore helping you see how it has a part to play in every area of your life: from the way you nourish your body and invest in yourself, to the way you choose to respond to your emotions and intuitive “hits” to create a fulfilling life for yourself.


My passion is guiding you through the A to Z of intuition to show you how it can help you flourish, and what it needs from you to be able to do this. You could say that I show you how to take full advantage of your soul’s ability to flawlessly guide you on your hero’s journey. A journey that will require the fullest expression of the genius within you!