Things are changing

We are radically refining everything I do to more accurately reflect my focus on creative thinkers, so please bear with us.


For a preview of what’s to come, just click on the Individuals link above to see how I can help the inspired thinker in you. Or like my The Gap Coach page on facebook to keep up to date with the latest developments. And while you're waiting for this website to be completed, here’s something to whet your appetite!


I believe that the simplest way to reach our potential, is to create a life structure, or foundation, that optimally supports us to realise our big vision. And, because we're all different, our foundation needs to be different too. The only trouble is, developing the perfect foundation for our vision can be a bit hit and miss, because we've never been taught that, for it to be solid and sustainable, it needs to optimise our unique blend of skills, talents and experience. And that's where I can help.


Once I accepted that valuing my natural thinking style was the key to my ability to thrive my life began to take off in undreamed-of ways. I saw that what I create when I thrive, made it so much easier for those around me to thrive too.


Creating my foundation taught me that balancing my cognition  and intuition to suit my unique blend of  experience, talents and skills, dissolved my blocks to flourishing. I discovered how using 12, simple steps to declutter my thinking and expand my understanding of who I really am and what I am capable of, completely transformed my life.


Along the way, I also learned the power of the simple steps I was taking to declutter my thoughts. I saw how they exploded my understanding of who I really am and what I am capable of!  And these steps have transformed my life, along with the hundreds of clients around the world who have used them.


It's now my mission to help you create a uniquely solid, sustainable foundation for your uniquely inspired big vision so that you can do what you were born to do.


Because what you are doing now is nowhere near what you can really do!